About Us

In September 2010, Nobelhouse College was established as a not-for-profit, private educational institution registered as a charity trust to educate boys and girls of secondary school age.

Being a charitable trust, the proprietorship of the School is vested in the NOBELHOUSE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION LTD/GTE, an incorporated charitable limited by guarantee.

The College is managed by a Board of Governors comprising distinguished Nigerians and non-Nigerians who are listed in detail in our prospectus, the School Development Plan and the school’s website www.nobelhousecollege.com

An annual audited account of the College is prepared by an external firm of auditors as an expression of the Board of Governors’ commitment to accountability and transparency.

All revenue generated is utilized to develop and maintain the College facilities and resources to ensure the vision and the mission of the College are achieved.  The founders and the governors cannot and will not receive any income from the College.

The College has been established on a 63 acre (25.4 hectare) piece of land in the prestigious suburb of Oke-Mosan, consisting of a security post with adjoining walls, an administrative block, an academic wing, a boys and a girls hostel, a dining hall and kitchen facility, sporting facilities and a network of roads – with many more facilities to be developed in the future.

The purpose of establishing the College is to offer an education comparable to the best in the world.

The education ethos strives towards academic, co-curricular and character moulding.

Our purpose is to help students understand that they are capable of achieving far more than they realize.

The aim of Nobelhouse College is to develop leaders for the next generation by involving students in a wide scope of service-learning projects and educational experiences beyond the classroom. Concerted efforts are being made to ensure that Nobelhouse graduates become citizens who too will become concerned for the welfare of others and one day reciprocate the opportunities afforded to them to others.

Students at Nobelhouse College are drawn from a cross-section of Nigerian social and economic society. We also have students who hail from United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Dubai and Ghana who are non-Nigerians.