Admission Requirements

Admissions Policy is the criteria for compliance to secure admission into Nobel house College.

Age Requirements

Pupils for Year 7 class must be aged between 9years 10months to 11years by August 31st of the year of admission.

Entrance Examination

Pupils are tested in English, Mathematics and Science at the Entrance Test. Tests will be held between the months of January and March of the year of admission.

Scholarships are available for Gifted and Talented (G&T) students.

Midstream Admissions

Prior to admission, the parent/guardian of a transferred student (either from overseas or Nigeria) must provide a certified copy of the student’s academic report and reference letter/confidential report. All students will be required to take the Entrance Examination. IGCSE syllabus starts in Year 10; hence no mid-stream admission is made into Year 11.

SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Nobelhouse College admits students of a wide range of abilities, including students with mild learning difficulties. Note that pupils with SEN who sit for IGCSEs are only granted extra-time and visually challenged students are given exam papers with large print.

Emergency Contact

It is of utmost importance that the College is able to contact parents any time during term time. The College must have parents’ current address, email, home, mobile and business telephone numbers. Emergency contact persons and their telephone numbers are also required in case a parent cannot be reached. Parents will be expected to inform the college if contact detail/s change.

Medical Form

Students must complete the Medical form giving detailed information required. Medical records provide health and welfare information. These include any significant known allergies and medical conditions that medical staff need to know if they are likely to administer medication or treatment to students. Confidentiality of personal information about students is protected by the College.

Confidential Report

A confidential report must be sent from the students’ current Head Teacher and must be submitted with all other documents required for the applicants’ admission.