Boarding Facilities

Boarding House

Nobelhouse College has 8 boarding houses – 4 each for boys and girls.

Nobelhouse College is a full boarding institution, with boys and girls housed in separate hostels and supervised by senior hostel personnel. The hostels preserve some measure of privacy whilst at the same time engendering a spirit of community. Boarders at Nobelhouse College develop into self-disciplined, responsible and independent young adults.

Although the houses are planned to work in harmony within the context of the school as a whole, each house will develop its own character and atmosphere; its own conventions and customs, including its own representative colours.

In line with the philosophy of Nobelhouse College for creating an environment and an inspiration for development of great virtues such a selfless service, honesty, integrity, hard work and stewardship in its students, each house is named after some of the founding fathers of the Nigerian nation such as Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa and Dennis Osadebe, including the father of the New Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo, as well as the Governors of state Olusegun Osoba.

Our boarding facilities are to provide a comfortable and happy environment for our pupils. At Nobelhouse College your child is our child…that is our commitment. We aim to be attentive to our pupils' needs and make them feel at home within the Nobelhouse College community. We encourage pupils to be self-reliant and self-motivated thereby having a positive attitude towards independent learning and taking up responsibilities they would otherwise not take at home. We encourage pupils to be involved in household chores, healthy habits and maintaining high standards of etiquette.


All pupils are to return to the hostel after vacation, a day before classes commence usually a Sunday. Parents are requested to bring in their children/wards between 12noon – 5.00pm. Parents must sign in the register when they check in their children/ward.

Parents must vacate the college at 5.30 before roll call.

    1. CHECK IN

Students' suitcases will be searched by the Duty Teacher to ensure that prohibited items are not brought to the hostels. Parents are requested to bring in their children by 5.00 pm as no student will be accepted after the gates are locked.

      • Nobelhouse College accommodation is attractive and homely. A room is shared between four to six students. Some rooms have three students which will be reserved for the seniors in Years10 and 11. Rooms are air conditioned and furnished with a double bunk bed, a desk and cupboard per student.
      • Pupils will be responsible for providing their own extra linen: two single-bed sheets and two pillow cases (the colours of the college - blue and yellow are acceptable colours). Pupils will be responsible for making their own beds, organising their lockers, cleaning their bins, sweeping out and dusting their rooms.
      • Pupils will also be responsible for keeping their bathrooms clean and tidy. A duty roster will be followed. Deep cleaning of bathrooms is the responsibility of hostel staff.
      • Inspection of cupboards, bedrooms and bathrooms will be done every day before supper.

The toilets and showers must be kept tidy at all times.

    1. MEALS
      • Attendance at all meals is compulsory
      • No hats may be worn to or during meals
      • Shoes or sandals must be worn to meals
      • Conversation at meal times must be appropriate in both content and volume
      • Crockery and cutlery may not be taken to rooms
      • All breakages are to be reported
      • Students must be dressed in full school uniform during breakfast.
      • If you are going to be late for meals due to sport, etc you must let the duty staff member know
      • At the end of the meal, each pupil is expected to take his /her tray with dishes, cutlery, etc. to a collection point for washing up.
    2. PREP
      • Homework diaries are compulsory and may be checked by hostel staff
      • All homework, projects and tests must be accurately and clearly recorded in your homework diary
      • Ensure that you have all necessary stationery and books, files in order to complete homework adequately
      • Students should be seated at the desk during prep as indicated by staff on duty
      • No music is allowed.
    3. LAUNDRY
      • Personal laundry must be done during laundry time on Saturdays.
      • From Monday morning to Saturday morning, each child may submit 6 pieces of laundry.

Visiting Day is on every 2nd Sunday of each month between 12.00noon – 5.00pm. The dates are available on the College Calendar.

Only known parents and official guardians are allowed to visit the students. They are not allowed to take their wards out without expressed permission from the school authorities. Written requests should be routed through the Senior House Master/Senior House Mistress to the Principal, who will in turn minute to the Senior House Master/Senior House Mistress to carry out the school's directives.

EXEAT: NO OUTING WILL BE ALLOWED ON ANY OTHER DAY OUTSIDE THE OFFICIAL OUTING. However, if for any genuine reason, an 'exeat' is granted, such is expected to be effected from the Boarding House in accordance with the Principal's directive.

ALL ROUTINE MEDICAL CHECK UPS AND APPOINTMENTS SHOULD BE SCHEDULED FOR THE HOLIDAYS. All pupils must submit a duly completed medical form before admission.

Parents are assured that immediate and good medical services will be provided to students when necessary. Parents will however, be expected to settle all bills in respect of their wards after TWO days as a clinic "in-patient".

Parents /Guardians are required to collect their children/wards for treatment at home or in their own hospitals. This means that staff will not be required to transport students to their homes or hospitals. However, in cases of urgent and ailment, parents will be contacted immediately.

    1. LETTERS

All letters/parcels coming to the students must be checked by the House Master/Mistress before delivery to the student. Those going out from the students will in like manner be checked.


This should not be more than N5, 000.00 (Five Thousand Naira Only) per month. It should be put in an envelope and addressed to the School Bursar who will deposit the money in the school account. The child should be aware of the amount.


Birthdays will be celebrated in the evening, after prep. Parents of celebrants will be allowed to deliver snacks and drinks for their children if the birthday is to be celebrated.

    1. WORSHIP

Pupils have freedom of worship at Nobelhouse College. Muslims will have their religious worship on Fridays during lunch time in the school, while Christian students will attend worship service on Sundays.


Stealing is viewed as a serious offence. Any student who indulges in such act may be expelled. All personal belongings must be arranged neatly inside locked boxes/bags. The school will not be liable for lost items not properly marked and kept.


Fighting is absolutely forbidden. It is punishable by suspension or expulsion.


All pupils (senior and junior) have the right to enjoy their stay in the school. Any student who makes life uncomfortable for another student by bullying will be punished. Repetition will attract expulsion.


Arrangements have also been made with a barber to come to the hostel to give the boys haircuts. Parents must provide their children with personal clippers (clippers should be engraved with students name and handed over to the House Master). The girls also have the opportunity of using a hairdresser when required.


Pupils are allowed to bring in limited items of grocery/provision (cereals and milk) to the hostel. This is because pupils are well fed and adequate arrangements have been made for students to enjoy additional daily refreshment at short break in the morning and afternoon tea. They are however allowed to bring in bottled water and fruit juices if they so wish.


At Nobelhouse College we expect our pupils to be well disciplined. The Values and Code of Conduct Policy is also applicable in the Boarding House. Students in the hostel are expected to conform to the high level of decorum expected in a boarding system.


Students can only take calls from parents and official guardians between 4.00pm - 6.00pm or 7.00pm – 9.00pm on Saturdays and between 4.00pm - 6.00pm or 7.00pm – 8.00pm on Sundays. Mobile phones are forbidden.


The college provides a laundry service for school uniform/house wear/bed sheets/pillow cases only. All other items must be washed by the students. Pupils may submit six items of laundry which include bed linen but not quilts.

    1. MEDICAL

If your son/daughter is on medication, please provide details about its administration. Also all asthmatic pupils must bring inhalers and spares or any other medication they are on.


All hostel property is to be looked after and kept in a good condition. If any items of furniture or any appliances are broken, it is to be reported immediately and parents will be liable to pay for damaged furniture.


Students will be required to carry out certain duties and responsibilities, which will be outlined by the hostel staff. These duties are to be performed conscientiously and diligently.

    1. GENERAL

Hostel staff is responsible for students, and have authority to act in loco parentis. In serious matters the Principal and parents may be called upon. Parents who wish to discuss any disciplinary matter may contact the hostel staff.


Full School Uniform and Additional Requirements List attached. Policy 4.