Fee Structure

Development Fee
This is a one-off payment for the duration of the student’s stay at the College. Funds from the development levy are channeled towards the on-going physical development of the College. The Development Fee serves as the acceptance fee for the confirmation of enrollment.

Tuition and Boarding Fee
Tuition and Boarding fees are paid in advance, i.e. at the start of each academic year or term. Tuition fees may be paid annually or termly. Tuition fees are payable with MC tellers, certified bank draft or bank transfer to the school’s bank account.
Bank drafts should be made payable to Nobelhouse College. Naira bank drafts and cheques are free of clearing charges, but if cheques are returned unpaid, a N5,000 bank penalty must be paid in cash to the College, being administrative charges incurred on the returned cheque.
Bank transfers to Nobelhouse College should contain the name of the student/s and parents should inform the College about any transfer being made to the college account.

Advance payments and discounts
A 5% discount is given on full annual payment of Tuition fees made in advance, by the end of August.
Parents with two or more children will receive a 5% discount on each child after the first child.

Withdrawal Notice
One term’s notice, in writing, is required when withdrawing your child from the College. If the necessary notice period is not observed, the deposit will be forfeited.
If a student is withdrawn from the College at any time before the end of term, no refund will be paid for the remainder of the term’s fees.
Any amounts outstanding to the college may be deducted from the initial deposit.
Where applicable, the refundable deposit will be paid back to parents upon student leaving the College.

Statement of account
Statements will be sent to parents at the start of each half-term break, reminding them that the following term’s fees are payable at the start of the new term.

Text books: Rental Fee
The text books rental fee is paid at the beginning of each academic year. The College will supply all students with the required text books for the year and all books must be returned at the end of each year.
Damaged, lost or defaced books will be paid for by parents. A list of books will be available to students each year.
Exercise books, art books, music manuscripts, recorders and learning aids will be available from The College Shop.

Outings and Excursions
Students will take part in visits to places of interest each term. Many of these will be based around the curriculum subjects to enhance the learning experiences of our students. A range of cultural, social and overseas trips are arranged. All trips are for the account of parents.

External Examination Fees
Students in Years 9, 11 & 13 are enrolled for external examinations set and marked by University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). All applicable examination fees are for the account of parent.

PTA Annual payment
This payment is to aid the activities of the PTA. Fees must be paid in full before the resumption of each term.
Please note that once a student has commenced a term, fees for such term cannot be refunded. Students who are admitted during the term will be expected to pay a full term’s fees if joining before half-term.