Method of Payment

Application Fee N10,000
One-off Development   Fee on enrolment Contact Nobelhouse College
School Fees Contact Nobelhouse College
Refundable Deposit Contact Nobelhouse College

School fees include Tuition, Boarding, Laundry, Stationery, Homework diary and Co-curricular activities offered by the College.

School fees include School uniform, outings and excursions, text books and extra-curricular activities, school photographs and college yearbook.


Discount Notice

Parents with two or more children at the College will receive a 10% discount on each child after the first child.

A term’s notice, in writing, is required when removing your child from Nobelhouse College. If the necessary notice is not received, the deposit will be withheld.

If a student is withdrawn from the College at any time before the end of term, no refund will be paid for the remainder of the term’s fees.

Click here to download the fee structure.